Bishop John Collins Teachers College ( BJCTC )

Welcome to Bishop John Collins Teachers College (BJCTC), one of the constituent colleges of the Stella Maris Polytechnic. Our mission is to fill classrooms with passionate, dedicated, and qualified teachers. We look forward to a very insightful journey with you, full of knowledge and the love and joy of Christ, learning of the teacher that is Jesus Christ.


Florence B. Koroma - Dean, BJCTC


At BJCTC, there are two cardinal objectives and other qualities outlined below:


The objectives of the Bishop John Collins Teachers College (BJCTC) are:

  • To prepare teachers with positive values and dedications to fulfill the educational needs nationally and internationally.
  • To serve as a source of quality and sustainable teacher-educator to benefit students and the wider society.

Major in Education

Students majoring in Education are trained at four tiers: ‘C’ & ‘B’ Certificates; ‘AA’ & ‘B.Sc.’ Degrees respectively. The previous three tier qualifications are pre-requisites to the ‘B.Sc.’ Degree. The grade of ‘B’ MUST be maintained in each English Course. Each program runs for one year. At the ‘AA’ and ‘B.Sc.’ levels, students can specialize with emphasis in two content areas for adequate preparation to teach in the classroom.

BJCTC also provides short term tailored programs to fit organizations or institutions needs for which certificates are issued after participants have fulfilled all requirements of the program.

Nature of the Program

The BJCTC runs both pre- and in-service programs.

Benefits of the Program

They teach values, positive values which shape living for a life time. Benefits associated with being a professional teacher are many, including:

  • Teaching is the gateway to sustain national advancement and development.
  • Being trained makes you a professional teacher.
  • Teaching makes you marketable.
  • Being a Professional Teacher keeps you learning all the time.
  • Teaching is the bedrock of all professions.

Very importantly, Liberia will become a better place to live and work because of the many well-trained teachers and you will be one of them preparing students for a brighter tomorrow. Just THINK!

Teachers wield the greatest influence in the world. They help students develop holistically. They teach values, positive values which shape living for a life time.

Our Model

Jesus Christ, The Master Teacher: Compassionate, loving, creative, challenging, fair, respectful, disciplined, resourceful, the critical thinker.


Total Credit Hours

C-Certificate in Elementary Education


B-Certificate in Elementary Education


A.A. Degree/Elementary Education


B.Sc. Degree/General Education




NOTE - Interested candidates can view the Admission Page of this website to obtain all necessary information on the Entrance Exams and Admission Policy and Procedure of the Polytechnic. You can download, print, complete and submit in hard copy or complete the Entrance Exams or the Admission Form electronically and submit.

Spiritan Academy

Spiritan Academy, a Catholic Demonstration School, is an integral part of the Stella Maris Polytechnic and is directly under the supervision of the Bishop John Collins Teachers College. Spiritan is demonstrative in imparting knowledge and skills to students and training teachers of the BJCTC. Presently, Spiritan Demonstration Academy operates Grades 1-10, and in subsequent years, Grades 11 & 12 will be added.

For more information, kindly click link below to visit the web page of Spiritan Demonstration Academy!



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