The Multi-Purpose Complex is a modern building under construction. The building is multi-purpose, because it is designed to serve the student populace and the general public. It will contain office spaces, conference halls, coffee shop, book store and a modern multi-purpose gym for use by students of Stella Maris Polytechnic and other institutions. The gym will be used for organized basketball and table tennis tournaments, social receptions and graduation ceremonies, and other activities. All these activities will take place at the multi-purpose complex when completed. It has a seating capacity between 3000 and 4000 depending on the event. This complex is the first of its kind in Liberia. Contributions in cash or kind are very welcome.

The Science and Administration Building is an extension of Spiritan Demonstration Academy and the Stella Maris Polytechnic. Spiritan is now at the senior secondary level and students are now involved with laboratory activities (Biology, Chemistry, & Physics) to better prepare and equip them with the relevant knowledge and skills in the sciences. The Administration Building is an extension of Spiritan which includes offices, cafeteria/assembly hall, teacher’s lounge, and registration department as well as offices for the Stella Maris Polytechnic Administration.

From Grades 1-12, Spiritan should have a maximum student population of 360 students, at most 30 students per class. Contributions in cash or kind are very welcome. Above is an image of the Science Labs and Administration Building.


Mechanized Block Factory - We specialize in the production of regular/hollow concrete blocks, assorted paving tiles, construction drawings, and estimates. Industrial, automatic and high vibration machinery is used in the production of these assorted blocks and pavement tiles. Our blocks and paving tiles are made of rock dust and cement and very solid. Our prices are affordable and include delivery within 5 miles radius or by negotiation. Contact us by phone or by email for prices and other information. We produce:

  • 8” concrete blocks – regular/hollow
  • 6” concrete blocks – regular/hollow
  • 4” concrete blocks – regular/hollow
  • Pavement Tiles – Assorted Designs
  • Construction Drawings/Plans

We deliver as part of our service, while Customer is responsible to unload the blocks at point of delivery.

Stop by to visit our State of the Art Block Factory at Kpo River or inspect samples at our Administrative Office, St. Joseph Campus, Capitol Hill, Monrovia.

Building Information*

We also offer the following services, including building designs/plans and estimates:

1 Bedroom Accommodation

Includes: 1 bedroom with closet; 1 bathroom; 1 kitchen with pantry; 1 living/dining room; 1 front porch; 1 back porch (Total Area: 520 Square Feet)

Foundation-8” blocks - 600 + Superstructure-6” blocks - 1,923 = 2,523 Blocks

2 Bedrooms Accommodation

Includes: 2 bedrooms with closets; 1 bathroom; 1 kitchen with pantry; 1 living/dining room; 1 front porch; 1 back porch (Total Area: 900 Square Feet)

Foundation-8” blocks - 1,384 + Superstructure-6” blocks - 2,455 = 3,839 Blocks

3 Bedrooms Accommodation

Includes: 3 bedrooms with closets; 2 bathrooms; 1 kitchen with pantry; 1 living/dining room; 1 front porch; 1 back Porch (Total Area: 1,360 Square Feet)

Foundation-8” blocks - 1,577 + Superstructure-6” blocks - 2,495 = 4,072 Blocks


  • Roof - Galvanized Roofing Sheets
  • Doors - Hardwood Flush Panel
  • Windows - Aluminum Sliding Window
  • Floor - Good Quality Tiles
  • Ceiling - Plywood Board or Regular Ceiling Tiles
  • Walls - Rendered & Painted with Acrylic Emulsion, Ceramic Tiles in Wet Areas


Note - *Complete Building Information/Working Drawings by the Monsignor Stephen Kyne Technical College (MSKTC), inspected and approved by the Ministry of Public Works as required by Law, are available at the Stella Maris Polytechnic for minimum price.

**Cash and Carry ONLY for the development of the Stella Maris Polytechnic.

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