Office of Student Affairs

Students coming to Stella Maris Polytechnic are from various socio-economic and academic backgrounds. A lot of the students are recent high school graduates and are young.

However, there are some older men and women with different professional backgrounds, seeking advanced education for self improvement. The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is responsible to design appropriate programs geared towards helping students align social and academic concerns productively through leadership workshops, educational seminars, intellectual discourses and group discussions, etc.

These extra curriculum programs foster the development of all student-campus-based organizations; thereby helping them to really engage in both academic and social worlds easily and productively.

The immediate contact point between the public and the Polytechnic is the Office of Student Affairs which seeks to assist students individually or as peer support groups to effectively adjust to the demands of the Polytechnic and to properly and adequately participate in student life at Stella Maris Polytechnic.

To this end, the Office of Student Affairs is available for consultation on student problems.


Jallah V. Washington - Director

Student Organizations

All students’ campus-based organizations excluding the formation of political parties (which existence became a major unwelcomed distraction) which cannot be formed are duly registered in the Office of Student Affairs of the Polytechnic. Others student organizations based on academic and philanthropic considerations shall also be permitted to be formed on campus.

Examples of professional academic organizations are as follows:

  • Nursing Students Association
  • Accounting Students Association
  • Architecture Students Association
  • Management Students Association
  • Agriculture Students Association
  • Education Students Association
  • Future Engineers for Change Students Association
  • Environmental Science Students Association
  • Stella Maris TUSEME Club
  • Stella Maris AISEC Students Association
  • Debate Team, etc.
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